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Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Patparganj, New Delhi Plot No. Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Noida, Dist. Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. Patparganj, Delhi B, D. Complex, F. Indirapuram, Ghaziabad No. Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Hadapsar, Pune House No. Pune, Maharashtra. Bengaluru, Karnataka. Have a requirement? Get Best Price. Computer Scrap 22 products available View by: Product Supplier. Showing results with Videos. Clear Filter. Location Near Me. LED type 2.

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Also view current day average and historical prices. View materials that we accept, along with descriptions and pictures. Get to know your metals and view historical scrap prices too. Offering scrap metal pickups for commercial and industrial locations with various services. We can drop off containers and pick up equipment.

We Buy Scrap Forklifts Nationwide. All types of Forklifts and also Forklift Batteries. Contact Us For A Quote. Wondering how it works? We have answer the common questions you have about scrap metal recycling. Learn more about Rockaway Recycling and our family owned and operated scrap yard. Where we came from and where we're going. Harddrives can be found inside computers and most commonly from desktop computer towers. If you are taking apart your computer towers for scrap, it is a good idea to keep your harddrives aside so that you can get paid separately for them.

You will be able to scrap them with the boards for more money. If you are afraid of the proper destruction of your data, Rockaway Recycling is able to provide you with the proper paperwork stating the data will not be compromised. If you have questions about how to take the boards out of harddrives and if it is a good idea, contact us through our website. You can also view our helpful videos and tips on our site. Call us today for more information.We reserve the right to upgrade or downgrade any material Prices are per pound.

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scrap hdd price

Hard Drive Boards. Cell Phone Boards. Clean Gold Fingers. Blank RAM. Trimmed RAM. Mixed RAM. Gold Fingered RAM. Flat Pack No Gold Tab. Trimmed Slot Processor. Apple CPU. Sun CPU.Old, non-functioning computers are found in bulk in business closings, school auctions, and even on Craigslist for free. These old computers can contain valuable metals such as gold, copper, and aluminum. While sleek modern laptops do not provide the bounty of precious metals found in the heavier, older units, they can remain profitable, just the same.

Besides, it notes, there are still a lot of old laptops in storage that will eventually have to be recycled. But you need to separate them all first. Following is step by step guideline:. Find the screws fastening the case with the computer normally on the backside of the computer and unscrew them with a screwdriver or a power drill.

After that, you should be able to easily open one side of the case. Normally, newer model computers are easier to open. To make the process easier, cut the wires you find just after opening the case. You can use a bolt cutter to do that. Some of the wires may have gold plating ends, so make sure you cut and keep the gold plating ends. The RAM is normally secured with small plastic tabs on the ends. Gently push the plastic tubs on each end and easily pull out the RAMs.

The CPU is nearly always covered with a heat sink.

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There is a strap as well that holds the CPU to the heat sink. To take the PCIs off the motherboard, simply give it a strong nice pull and the whole thing will easily get ripped out in one go. PCI boards have gold plating fingers and you can cut them off and sell separately for good cash. Pulling out all these components should be easy now. Use a power drill or screwdriver to unscrew the screws fastening the motherboard with the case. Unscrew all the screws to pull out the hard drive, hard disksand power supply as well.

Now, make separate piles for each metal component. The big chunk of aluminum just below the cooling fan and the cooling fan contains copper-bearing motors. You can find another copper bearing motor within the power supply. Just below where the CPU location, you can find gold plated pins. Whatever golden things you find, simply cut and take them.

You can make the process simpler by looking for gold, aluminum, and copper and make a separate pile for each. Once you are done accumulating all the metals, it is time to cash out. Look for a scrap yard near you. Be careful in dealing with online vendors. Selling these items on eBay is a good idea as it normally pays more than what you can get from a scrapyard.

Also, you probably won't get rich processing old computers for scrap, but you will reduce some trash that would normally go to a landfill with the e-waste recycling. Sustainable Businesses Electronics Recycling.

Full Bio Follow Linkedin. Follow Twitter. He has been covering the pallet and packaging industries for 25 years.Old hard drive?

Want to get paid for that hard drive? Look no further than Cash for Electronic Scrap USA, the number one online electronic gold buyer, is now the premier site to sell hard drives online. When one thinks of selling their laptop or computerthe hard drive seems like the core of the sale.

Essentially, the hard drive acts as the brain of a central processing unit CPU. By regularly running virus checks and maintaining your CPU, the hard drive will remain in great shape and will be worth more down the line. If you choose to sell hard drives online, and your hard drive is in solid condition, the amount on the check may surprise you.

We also take care of your hard drive shredding and hard drive data destructionso you feel confident that your information will not be compromised. At Cash for Electronic Scrap USA, the volume of items we receive each and every day allows us to offer you the highest payout possible. The process is quick, simple, and one of the easiest ways to sell your hard drives online.

scrap hdd price

You may be wondering what steps we take to ensure the happiness of our customers. Second, we offer a percent satisfaction guarantee. Any materials containing hazardous items will not be accepted at our processing facility.

Scrapping Hard Drive For Gold, Palladium and Platinum

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Business Personal School Government Which service do you need? Provide a brief description of the material. Recover maximum value from your electronics. Sustainable, compliant and secure electronic recycling.Hard Drives are used to permanently store and retrieve data contents on a computer. It basically consists of one or more platinum-plated aluminum platters to which data is written using a magnetic head.

In addition, it also contains magnetic actuator, motor and circuit boards. These components are normally enclosed in a stainless steel outer covering. The circuit boards in Hard Drives contain traces of precious metals such as gold and palladium. These boards fall under premium grade of circuit board, when scrapped. They are worth more than Computer Motherboards due to the higher density of precious metals in its packing.

The scrap price of Hard Drives depends on the market rate of gold and other precious metals including silver, platinum and palladium. The variation in precious metal prices often results in scrap yards quoting different rates from time to time.

The table below provides Hard Drives export prices as of October For the latest price of Hard Drives in various scrap yards, please visit our Scrap Yard Prices section. Not all scrap yards accept Hard Drives.

It is always advised to take your scrap to a reputed dealer who pays you best rate. Also, make sure that data is completely erased out of your drive, before that are sold for scrap. Selling to authorized electronics recyclers ensures that your data is secure. Such recyclers assure that all your data on Hard Drives are wiped clean before they are destroyed and recycled.

They even offer a certificate of destruction. The following are some of the scrap yards in the US that accept Hard Drives. Similarly, the list of scrap yards in Canada is easily available in Scrap Yards in Canada. It would be worth your time to scrap Hard Drives as yards often offer good prices, especially when you have large quantity of the same. Scrap yards often offer free-of-cost on-site service whereby Hard Drives may be physically destroyed using safe and environment-friendly shredding techniques.

This ensures that private data stored on Hard Drives cannot be recovered later, thus offering peace of mind to customers. Loading price data Home Scrap Materials Hard Drives.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers.

Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Style Ssd. Speed rpm rpm rpm rpm. Size 3. Application Desktop Server Laptop. Consumer Electronics. BusinessType scrap hdd suppliers.

Contact Supplier. Indilinx solid state drive sata External msata ssd hdd GB Enclosure 2. Computer Hard Drive Scrap Price. Our pursuit of first-rate quality, competitive prices offers both potential and long-standing clients confidence in our We have established good cooperation and business relationships with both domestic and overseas companies, covering most of Southeast Asian, European, American and African countries.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you under the principle of mutual benefits and equality. Any inquiry is highly appreciated. Untested Scrap Recycle Computer 2. The most professional: Our Team will answer you any puzzling question before your order.